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Desktop Automation

Automate repetitive and time consuming desktop tasks

Sometimes it is easy to forget that computers are more than capable of taking care of the complex and repetitive tasks that face us every day.

Whether filing emails, capturing data or compiling reports these tasks can become repetitive and quickly fill up a day when there are usually more important jobs waiting to be done.

Automating the repetitive and time consuming desktop tasks and delegating them to the software which can handle them, carry them out with less errors and more quickly frees you up to focus on more important tasks.

Automating simple tasks allows more complex flows to be created and converted into more sophisticated solutions as businesses expand.

Desktop Automation Examples

Whether using email, a spreadsheet or any other office application there may be a task where automation can be used. Identifying repetitive stages in a task is a start. For example the following tasks or steps within the task could be automated:

  • Weekly report creation
  • File and folder management
  • Capturing data from the web
  • Email filing & responding
  • PDF processing
  • Form filling
  • Excel, Word & Outlook automation & integration