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Record a Web flow

Use Chrome Extension to record Browser Steps

TagUI comes with a Chrome Extension that allows browser steps to be recorded that generate a script that can be incorporated into your own flow and/or customised.

The extension is available from the Chrome Web store and can be used with Microsoft Edge as well as Chrome.

Starting a recording is straight forward, simply click the extension in the browser and select START.

From that point TagUI will follow the steps and convert them into a TagUI script.

To finish the recording select the TagUI extension and click STOP.

The EXPORT button can be used to display the script which can be copied to your own .tag files and adjusted and/or used in another flow.

Video: Recording Form Steps

The video shows how to use the extension, record the steps needed to complete a form and the resulting script.

Editing Recorded Form Steps

Taking the script (which fills in and submits the form data) it is possible to change the entry data and then save it as a .tag file and run it using TagUI. The example below shows the data changes made to the script input fields

Updated form.tag
click input_1_1
type input_1_1 as Victorian Photography Pioneers
type input_1_4 as Rarely Seen Victorian Art
select input_1_5 as Kevin Golightly
click label_1_10_1
click Donation
type input_1_6 as 24/11/2022
type input_1_7 as 24/12/2022
click input_1_8
type input_1_8 as
type input_1_9 as
wait 2
click gform_submit_button_1
wait 5

Saving the file as form.tag it can be run from the terminal with the command:

tagui form.tag

Video: Running Edited Script

This video shows the script (with altered data) being run and showing the form again being completed and submitted but this time by the robot.

In a more complex but more useful example, data stored in a CSV file can be used to complete the form multiple times each time with new data further automating the process of adding entries.

See Workflow example using Excel/CSV data files to carry out more data intensive RPA flows.

Chrome Extension Script Menu

While recording, clicking the right mouse button on a page displays a list of TagUI steps that can be added to the script while the recording is taking place. These include:

  • Inspect Element
  • Note down element
  • Read element text
  • Show element text
  • Save element text
  • Save webpage screenshot
  • Save element screenshot
  • Hover cursor at element
  • Wait for a few seconds
  • Close shortcuts menu

If you require support or help check out our services page.