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Use Excel Data in RPA robots

Use data to automate form completion

In the post covering how to Record a Web Workflow, it can be seen that TagUI is good at capturing the building blocks of a web process.

The follow-on step is to continue the automation by allowing the steps to use a data source and replace the "hard coded" data with variables that can then be used each time the automation is run.

In order to do this Excel (or a straight forward CSV file) can be used as input to the flow so that it runs with different data each time

Taking the form automation and replacing the data with variables we can point to a CSV file where the variable names are defined in the top row and TagUI will process that automation as many times as there are data rows.

Original TagUI Script

Updated form.tag
click input_1_1
type input_1_1 as Victorian Photography Pioneers
type input_1_4 as Rarely Seen Victorian Art
select input_1_5 as Kevin Golightly
click label_1_10_1
click Donation
type input_1_6 as 24/11/2022
type input_1_7 as 24/12/2022
click input_1_8
type input_1_8 as
type input_1_9 as
wait 2
click gform_submit_button_1

Values replaced with Data Variable names

In this script the fixed values are replaced with variable names (e.g. exhibitname) which correspond to the column names in the .CSV file and when the script is run the data is replaced appropriately and repeats as many times as there are rows for each record.

Variable names added
 click input_1_1
 type input_1_1 as `exhibitname`
 click input_1_4
 type input_1_4 as `description`
 click input_1_5
 select input_1_5 as `manager`
 click label_1_10_1
 click `cost`
 click input_1_6
 type input_1_6 as `startdate`
 click input_1_7
 type input_1_7 as `enddate`
 click input_1_8
 type input_1_8 as `website`
 click input_1_9
 type input_1_9 as `email`
 click gform_submit_button_1

And you don't have to do anything else apart from running the TagUI script and referencing the data file

Excel Data

This Excel file is saved as a .CSV file.

To run the TagUI flow append the data filename to the command and have it do its business.

tagui exhibit_script.tag .\exhibit_data.csv -e -t


The -e switch runs Microsoft Edge

The -t switch runs the script in turbo mode.

Video: RPA using CSV Data

In this video the form is completed 3 times as there are 3 different rows (records) of data in the CSV file.

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