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Automate Desktop applications

Enable TagUI workflow to control Desktop applications

This example automates a Windows desktop application to create a CSV of a web report. TagUI is used to accomplish this.

It utilises keyboard and image OCR technology to start a robot.

The generated CSV data is used as input to a Microsoft Power Automate Desktop flow.

The flow itself is triggered by TagUI (utilising the image OCR feature) where an image of the command / button to be run in Power Automate Desktop is used as a trigger to ensure the correct navigation item is clicked.

Although this does not directly run an Power Automate Desktop flow from the command line it makes the TagUI script launch the appropriate flow from the UI.

A single PNG image can be changed to run any flow required.

TagUI and Power Automate Integration
// This is an example of how to use TagUI to control a Windows desktop application.
// It utilises image automation to control the flow
// Keyboard shortcuts are always useful as they may be more efficient
// and reliable than working with images
// The wait command is used to ensure that the app has time to complete its various tasks
// before processing further

timeout 30 seconds

dclick images/frog.png

wait 20

keyboard [tab]

wait 10

click images/web.png


click images/start.png

// //1. consider alternative using keyboard short cuts
// //2. consider using clipboard to paste rather than keyboard 
// //run as a comparison

wait 20

// if exist('image.png')
//   click button1

click images/export.png

keyboard [enter]

click images/clear.png

wait 5

keyboard [alt][f4]

// launch the Power Automate console from which to select the appropriate flow

dclick images/mspad.png

wait 5 

//the flow is selected by the image below and then 2 keyboard shortcuts launch the flow

click images/vpfoldertrigger.png

keyboard [tab]
keyboard [enter]

Video: Desktop Application Automation

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