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Recording Web Flow

Starting a Recording

To start a recording in Chrome (or Edge) launch the TagUI extension. TagUI chrome extension icon

Select the START button and begin the browser steps that you wish to record.

TagUI chrome start option

Stopping a Recording

To stop a recording click the extension again and select STOP

Clicking the Export button will display the recorded script.

TagUI Chrome Script

This script can be copied and edited and saved as a .tag file which can be run again or any changes made.

This mechanism provides a quick way of creating a TagUI script which can be enhanced and used to create more complex bots.

Commands Shortcuts Menu

A commands shortcuts menu is available while in recording mode. A right click displays a list of additional script commands which can be inserted into the recording. This helps to automate the process of script creation.

The commands include:

  • Inspect Element
  • Note down element
  • Read element text
  • show element text
  • Save element text
  • Save webpage screenshot
  • Save element screenshot
  • Hover cursor at element
  • Wait for a few seconds
  • Close shortcuts menu

Accessing Web Elements

It is important to be able to identify the part of a web page that a script needs to interact with e.g. button, form element. The best way to do this is to identify the XPath of the element which can be used in a script.

This note explains how to find the XPath of an element.

Once an identifier for an object has been selected it can be used in a script.

Video: TaguI Chrome Extension

The video shows how to use the extension, record the steps needed to complete a form and the resulting script.