TagUI Word Plugin Toolbar

TagUI can use steps such as click to interact with identifiers that include image snapshots e.g. image of a button or image of text.

TagUI can OCR images (read the text content from a .PNG for example) match images to UI elements and carry out a step based on the result.

TagUI Word Snapshot icon

Instead of using steps such as click/type based on XPath UI elements, images can be referenced.

A snapshot image could be used to represent a search input field to type text into:

type search_box.png as papier mache sculptures
click login_button.png

In both examples the PNG files are images of the screen search box and login button and are as valid as other identifiers when ensuring the appropriate UI element is selected.

As an example if there is a PNG of a form date field


Opening Date Form Field

To enter a date into the field referenced as an image the following code can be used:

type opening_date.png as 22/09/2022

In other circumstances the element on a web page can be referenced using XPath for example.

Where this is not possible images of UI or text can be saved and used within scripts.

Snapshot images used within a Word TagUI script are saved in an images folder within the working Word document folder.