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Chaining Flows

TagUI Word Plugin Toolbar

Running Flows from a Flow

Building individual scripts to automate tasks is a good start but as things get more complex it is good practice to build small complete scripts which can be chained together to create more powerful workflows.

Large script files can be broken down into smaller files or subflows.

Smaller compact scripts have a number of advantages:

  • Easier maintenance of code - DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) code
  • Common scripts can be reused with different flows e.g. a login script could be used multiple times
  • Easier way to debug / find errors in scripts and then fix

Running one flow from another is done by simply calling one script file (.tag) from another script in effect chaining them together to create a more complex workflow.

Adding the command below in a Word document will launch a script file called initalscript.docx and run the steps in that file from within the main Word document at that point.

tagui initialscript.docx