Word IDE

TagUI Word Plugin Toolbar

The TagUI Word Plugin comes with a toolbar which contains many features that can be used directly in a Word document to enable it to function as an RPA robot.

The toolbar shows scripts grouped together as:

  • Basic Steps
  • Conditions
  • Pro Steps
  • Helper Functions

Clicking an individual step from the toolbar adds a script placeholder at the cursor position. This can then be edited as required.

Plugin script in Word

Once a script has been created in Word (.docx) it can be run directly using the Run button in the Plug-in toolbar.

Plugin Run icon

The Deploy button can be used to create a batch file to run the robot by either launching it from the OS or using a scheduler to run it when required, unattended.

Plugin Deploy icon

The batch file is saved into the same folder as the Word document.

The task pane consists of a number of sections:

Word Options panel

The Snapshot tool allows application screen shots to be captured and added to the script.


Before running a script from the Word IDE ensure the Word documents has been saved as additional files may be generated and referenced e.g. image files.

View a PDF with a summary of the Office Plug-in steps, conditions & helper functions.