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Excel Data in RPA

Excel .xlsx files or .csv files can be used to store data for use with TagUI scripts.


Datatables are Excel / csv files which can be used to store data and therefore can run flows multiple times with different inputs.

Object Repository

Object repositories are Excel / csv files which can store variables for use in flows.

In both cases the files consist of rows of data where the first row typically identifies the name of the data in each column. This allows the data to be referenced in a script file.

Excel Datatable

Using the TagUI Task Pane in Excel

In MS Office the TagUI Task Pane can be used to reference a datatable file or an object repository file. This makes utilising data in scripts by browsing to link the appropriate data file.

The Excel task pane is slanted toward the data. An option to specify a flow (script) file which would utilise the associated data file(s) is available.

When working with Word/Excel the file format used for flow and data can be either .docx or .tag or xlsx or .csv

When running scripts in the command line the text versions are preferred (.tag and .csv)

Excel Word Plugin Panel