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Getting Started

A quick way to get started with the TagUI language is by running scripts directly in the terminal using the TagUI Live Mode to see software robots in action.

Scripts can also be saved as .tag files (text format) to create more permanent, complex flows which can be run when required.

TagUI Live Mode

To get started launch the terminal (CLI - command line interface) for your OS and navigate to the folder in which TagUI has been installed.

to start TagUI in Live Mode In the terminal type:

tagui live

Press Enter

In addition to starting live mode your browser will also launch. From this point any commands you type into the terminal will be directed to the browser.

This will allow you to test TagUI scripts by typing or copying and pasting code and seeing the results.

A message will indicate that the automation mode has started.

Steps can be run one line at a time in Live Mode.

TagUI Live Mode in Terminal

Your First Robot

Launch a Browser

In the terminal type:

Press Enter

Your browser will launch the Google web site.

You can now control your website via Live Mode.

With the Google web site you can now start a search.

In the terminal type:

type input as Dylan[enter]

Press Enter

This will type the word Dylan into the Google input field and automate the pressing of the Enter key as if you had typed and submitted directly into the search engine.

A list of search items with the word "Dylan" will be displayed

Try this with a different search engine or web site.

Take a Screen Shot

In the terminal type:

snap page to websnap.png
Press Enter

This will create a file called websnap.png of the page in your browser

Browser screen shot

Exit Live Mode

To exit TagUI Live Mode and return to the terminal at any time:

In the terminal type:


Press Enter