Getting Started

As with many coding languages all you need to do is to create scripts using a text editor. Python script files will have a .py extension.

This then allows the Python interpreter to be run and a .py file run directly from the command prompt.

To run your first Python script copy the code below into a text file e.g

import rpa as r

# use init() to start TagUI, it auto downloads TagUI on first run
# default init(visual_automation = False, chrome_browser = True)

# use url('your_url') to go to web page, url() returns current URL

# wait 5 seconds before closing the script/browser


From the command line type:


Press Enter

If all is OK a browser will launch and the VerdaPress website will be displayed.


The lines starting with a # are comments used to explain the code

Nearly as easy as working with TagUI but unleashes a lot of additional Python power.