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Adding Actions

The left hand panel contains over 150 Actions - these can be described as the building blocks or steps that are used to build an automated flow.

They are split into separate sections to help identify the particular step and are used by double clicking or dragging and dropping them in the workspace.

Once they are in the workspace they can be edited, reordered or removed.

Most of the actions have Properties which have settings that can be altered and updated with information pertinent to that Action.


Power Automate Workspace

At its simplest dragging actions onto the workspace and completing the various properties is all that is required to start creating an automated workflow.

The thing to be aware of is that there are a large number of Actions - all good as this makes creating flows from the UI relatively easy, complicated - because there are so many actions and options to select from.

Once saved the flow can be run.

The image shows the "launch new Chrome" action and some of the properties that can be completed to customise the launch experience.


Power Automate Chrome Propeties dialog