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Getting Started with OpenFlow

OpenFlow is a Web UI that can be used to:

  • Manage and configure robots and workflows created using OpenRPA.

  • Creation of forms and managing of permission levels

OpenFlow Signup

Sign up to OpenFlow

Check out the comprehensive documentation on this tool at:

OpenFlow Documentation

Robot Workflows

Workflows created in OpenRPA can be viewed in OpenFlow and can be run or downloaded for sharing from this UI.

OpenFlow Robot Workflows screen

Video: Invoking a Robot from OpenFlow

The best thing here is that an OpenRPA process can be invoked from a remote device and does not have to be started from the device on which the flow resides.

Invoking the OpenFlow command runs the flow as if it was being run on the desktop application.

So you could run a workflow while on the move from your mobile device.

The video shows the RPA workflow invoked and running from the OpenFlow UI.